Password Penetration testing

  • Letters: Can be English or other language and mixture of small and capital letters. A-Z and a-z
  • Numbers: any combination from 0–9
  • Special characters: @!#$?>- and many more
  • Weak/guessable passwords have a very big impact leading to full system/ company takeover.
  • Users personal data can be fully leaked just by having a weak password.
  • User can suffer financial losses and metal issues following the impact.
  • It can help categories different users for proper access control.
  • Dictionary attack: A user’s account is tried for various passwords from a dictionary file, which is a list of dictionary words.
  • Brute Forcing attack: Tool tries to use all possible combinations to break password.
  • Hybrid attack: add numbers and symbols to a dictionary file and we have a hybrid attack.
  • Syllable attack: this attack is composed by mixing dictionary and brute force attacks.
  • Rule-based attack: This attack is possible once an attacker has some clues as to the pattern which his victim uses in password creation or due to site restrictions.
  • Following are some of the measures to follow to keep passwords safe and strong:
  • Have policies for password creation, management and expiration.
  • Use multi factor authentication(MFA) and auto account lockouts after some idle time.
  • Storage and transmission of only salted hashed passwords.
  • Implement proper authorization controls to prevent data leaks.
  • Use onscreen keyboards to defeat keyloggers.
  • Prevent account logins after certain number of failed attempts or from unknown locations/time without MFA.




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